Monday, October 22, 2012

Prince - RNR Affair

Rock And Roll Love Affair, whoever said Prince will never run out of original material is wrong. I'm not saying this track doesn't have potential but maybe if it was written better with a decent hook I could get into it. Honestly it's just average the music is good lyrics aren't that great to me, I really hope that this is not a first single to long over due album because if so the album better be banging! These one off tracks like Hot Summer, Cause and Effect, Purple and Gold, RNR Affair is really making want a new album more and more and these teasers just aren't cutting it! Kick in the door Prince!

For your enjoyment here are the Lyrics:

She believed in fairy tales and princes
He believed the voices coming from his stereo
He believed in rock and roll
She left her past and those lilly white fences

And headed out to hollywood in search of her soul
But she had to pay the toll (yes she did)
They were bound to find each other

He needed proof, she needed a brother
That's when stars collide
When there's space for what you want
And your heart is open wide

Wait a minute

He gave up women for the stripes of the road

And learned the meaning of grace
That's when his cup overflowed
And she said: "hello"
He said "my faith keeps me from willin'

But you know that I'm able
And if there's some room
I'd like to sit at your table"
She said "it's tight, but I think I can fit you in"
This kind of love don't come from a prayer
Ain't talking rebound, born of despair
Yellow sun rising on their bodies in bed
Two people in love, with nothing but the road ahead

Ah yeah, oh hoo

Oh oh oh oh ooh oooooh
Let's go

She believed in fairy tales and princes

He believed in jazz, rhythm and blues
And this thing called soul
He believed in rock and roll
Hear me
She wanted to see her name appear on the big screen

He just wanted to hear her scream his name
Can you scream my name? Do you know what I mean?
This kind of love don't come from a prayer

Ain't talking rebound, born of despair
Yellow sun rising on their bodies in bed
Two people in love with nothing but the road ahead

Rock, rock, love affair

Rock, rock, love affair
Rock, rock, love affair

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Prince/Miles Davis Connection

Well Purple People Prince and Miles Davis to me and most of us collaborating is awesome, truth be told a lot of hardcore Miles fans I know really think a lot of his work during the 80's and early 90's not as great as classics like Birth Of The Cool or Bitches Brew. I think hardcore Miles fans look at it as a decline, me I think it was great, the birth of this cool union came about in late 1985 or early 1986 when Prince sent Miles Davis a tape with Can I Play With U?, and a note to go ahead and play what he wanted over it. According to the liner notes of The Last Words Tommy LiPuma chose Can I Play With U to appear on The Miles Davis Album Tutu, but by Prince's own omission he removed the track cause he felt like it didn't fit with the rest of the music on the album. Now I have listen to Tutu I think it would have fit well.

Something else I found interesting was the Marcus Miller track Full Nelson being referenced to the Miles track Half Nelson from the 50's "a bridge with the Prince track" and Prince's last name being Nelson. Prince and Miles also performed on New Years Eve at Paisley Park 1987, Miles also performed the Prince track Movie Star in the 80's often in concert, also if you notice in Under The Cherry Moon there is a copy of Miles Davis album You,re Under Arrest in the scene after the Girls and Boys performance. There was a Bootleg that surfaced called Crucial that was suppose to be Prince tracks with Miles playing trumpet, well that was debunked with the only track on the CD with Prince and Miles being Red Riding Hood AKA Can I Play With U? Claims also being maybe it was Altanta Bliss playing trumpet on the other songs.

In 1991 Prince did send Miles 8 instrumentals 3 which was played during his 1991 tour Jail Bait, A Girl And Her Puppy, and Penetration. I believe at one time I heard Warner Bros. actually courted Prince for Tracks he did with Miles for official release and Prince declined but the jury is still out on that. None the less if these 2 power house artists hooked up or had the chance to hook up this would have been Legendary.