Monday, November 4, 2013

Glam Slam South Beach June 7th 1994

Tracklisting: 01. Endorphinmachine 02. Space 03. Interactive 04. Days Of Wild\Incl. Hair 05. Now\Incl. Babies Makin Babies 06. Mustang Mix 07. The Ride 08. Get Wild 09. Acknowledge Me 10. Race 11. The Jam 12. SHHH
June 7th 1994 Prince or TAFKAP performed in South Beach at his Glam Slam Club, the show was also broadcasted Live via satellite to Glam Slam in Los Angeles and Minneapolis. This is an amazing show Prince and Band rip the stage with a mixture of everything. Some great highlights of this show for me are Space and the great Guitar solo it is to die for. Interactive always sounds great and funky but feels really fresh during this performance, Mayte breaking it down on Now. Days Of Wild, The Ride, and Get Wild are great,and Race is another funky favorite. With TAFKAP chanting thoughout the show this is an NPG Party or His 1st birthday you cannot deny the funktastic rock show you get here.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

N.P.G. Resistance: Prince, Privacy, & Piracy. Part 1

Prince is 1 of the most prolific Musical Artist ever, with a catalog as vast as what he has it always keeps us craving for more. We have all been told that he is always working on new music, which brings me to my topic. Unreleased Songs and projects some announed not to see the light of day others just pirated among Prince fans and supporters. Back in the day I remember Mom And Pop Record Stores where you could find rare or what is known as bootleg recordings, Live, Outtakes, Audio, and Video at crazy prices that I know today I would not pay. Example I purchased a bootleg entitled ONLY 4 U with an 80 dollar price tag almost makes me sick to my stomach lol. At the time when I got it I felt great because when it came to the RUDE BOY you had to have more.
I will say this to there are better means to get bootlegs instead of paying outrages prices nowadays, and there are those who work hard against Bootleg companys charging high ass prices to keep these releases free so you can enjoy the music, but in the case of Prince this is wrong I'm not here to dispute it either he made the music it is his he can do what he wants with it right. Over the years I have heard stories about how he would just give away copies of some of his outtakes and things of that nature to friends, music insiders, so on and so forth then they would end up in record stores under Bootleg titles like The Jewel Box.
I know there are different types of Prince fans to, some don't get involved in the exploration of Prince bootlegging for whatever reason and that's cool but then you have a diehard fan who wasn't old enough to see the Triple Threat Tour (1999 Tour)because he or she was either to young or wasn't born. You can't go to Youtube because Prince has taken everything down, but you can relive that through Audio or Video Bootlegs to each it's own.
Then you have Prince bloggers, websites, facebook groups, etc.....which report Prince news old and upcoming some with really great Pictures and great topics to discuss and the killer is sometimes it's not always about Prince but other artists or other creative entertainment. To me this is a complete circle of harmony, the music, the visuals, the discussions, the blogs, the facebook groups, and Prince websites. Just like with the Death of every so many years the even flow of things are disrupted, the bad part about this is that you don't who's doing it is it Prince? Maybe it is but with social media being so so popular the people we need to watch out for are in facebook groups, on your twitter, etc....Crazy isn't it and if this is so what they have to realize is Prince created this fanzy whether he wanted it or not and a lot of people put in hard work to bring some of the things they do in the name of Prince with money out of there own pocket not to be recognized by Prince himself but because they love his MUSIC. Again I'm not gonna debate that either because whatever someone has to offer it's up to me whether I want it or not, if you don't NPG Deputies please give us our space just like we give you yours. Written By: FTP For N.P.G. Resistance

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Apollonia 6 - Happy Birthday Mr. Christian

This video pop up on You Tube about 2 years ago very very much 80's style kinda of cheesy but fits with the times. It has been stated that other than Sex Shooter, Blue Limousine was suppose to be the next Video off the Apollonia 6 album but never materialized. Happy Birthday Mr. Christian's storyline and plot is a trip, with Apollonia, Brenda, And Susan playing schoolgirls getting a will read to them from the dearly departed Mr. Christian who leaves them nothing. Mr. Christian tells them they don't know what hard work is and need to basically get jobs which they do, from a Restaurant, a Grocery Store, and a Car Mechanic's Garage. Then when it's all said and done Mr. Christian emerges from his Limo and tells them it was a prank for his Birthday I guess the dude wanted to have some fun lol. Nonetheless the girls jump in the car and the party is on and popping, from the looks of this short film it never went beyond a rough cut which in some respects I see why still it's entertaining. Music in this video is slamming featuring Happy Birthday Mr. Christian, Sex Shooter, Ooo She She Wa Wa, and Blue Limousine off of the Apollonia 6 LP. You can check out the video on You Tube for the time being links posted below Enjoy.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Purple Underground's Top 20 Greatest Prince TV Performances

Check Out Our YouTube Video On The Top 20 Tv Performances

A couple of months ago Vibe Magazine's website had a list of what they thought Prince's top 10 greatest TV performances were. Well we here at The Purple Underground decided to do our list but instead of 10 we picked 20 performances by "His Royal Badness." With so many great Prince TV performances its hard to just pick 10. So here's OUR top 20 that was voted by myself (Micah aka cMs), P. Ross, & our silent partner Coach Mike, and I must say it wasn't easy. Enjoy "Purple People!"  :-)

 1. 2007 Superbowl Halftime Performance

 2. 1985 American Music Awards

 3. 1985 Grammy Awards

 4. 2004 Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

 5. 1991 performance on the Arsenio Hall Show

 6. 2004 Grammy Awards

 7. 2006 BET Awards (the Chaka Khan tribute)

 8. 2006 American Idol Season Finale

 9. 1996 Oprah Winfrey Show

10. Emancipation Celebration TV Special

11. 1987 MTV Video Music Awards

12. 1989 Saturday Night Live 15th Anniversary

13. 2005 NAACP Image Awards

14. 1995 American Music Awards

15. 1991 MTV Video Music Awards

16. 1998 Vibe

17.  1995 VH-1 Fashion Awards

18. 1997 Brit Awards

19. 1997 VH-1 Honors

20. 2004 Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Submitted By Micah Simpson AKA Cms

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prince - One Nite Alone In Copenhagen

Prince – One Nite Alone In Copenhagen

Date – October 26th 2002
Venue – Vega Musikkens Hus
City – Copenhagen
Country - Denmark

This Soundboard Recording comes from The Legendary Sabotage Records; there was a 4 CD set of Prince’s Danish One Nite Alone Performances which all tapes from these were Audience Recordings from the Open Sound-check, Main Show and After-show. About a year later a soundboard recording of The After-show Turned up. His Band 4 this show was John Blackwell on Drums, Rhonda Smith on Bass, Renato Neto on Keyboards, Greg Boyer on Trombone, Eric Leeds on Saxophone, Candy Dulfer on Saxophone, Dudley D. on Turntables. This is an amazing Aftershow, the performance of Bambi is incredible matter fact all the guitar work is outstanding from his cover of Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Chile, to his cover of Zepplin's Whole Lotta Love. It seems like the band was in such a great mood and you can tell in this show. Bass playing was great on 777-9311 and On Larry Graham's cover of Hair. This is a show if you listen to it turn it up, close your eyes you will feel like your there. Overall this may be my favorite Prince Live Show cop it. Peace....P-Ross

Monday, June 17, 2013

Prince - With U Prince ~{Revisited}~

This show is from the 1999 Tour Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles March 28th 1983, A great audience recording and 1 of my favorite bootlegs. This show is why I love live material cause generally you look for something in a Prince show like special moments, and here there are a few. First of all if you've heard any 1999 tour shows the music is typical for the Era great, I loved Lisa Coleman's Keyboard solo of With You off of Prince's Self Titled Album. But the Gem to me was his performance of Moonbeam Levels, an unreleased song recorded July 6th 1982 at Sunset Sound Hollywood, California according to The Vault Book although never placed on a configuration of 1999 it was considered for inclusion on the aborted Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic album as the ninth and final track in mid January 1989 before its cancellation when Prince began work on the Batman Soundtrack. Nonetheless it still remains unreleased, and on this bootleg is 1 of the rare live moments I love as a whole. It also has 3 bonus tracks 2 from The Vanity 6 Opening act "If A Girl Answers Don't Hang Up" and "Nasty Girl" the 3rd being Grace which is the B-Side to The Time's Funk Classic 777-9311. The whole show is great if you have a chance to hear it I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. 


1. Controversy   
2. Let's Work    
3. Do Me, Baby   
4. Sexuality    
5. Let's Pretend We're Married    
6. Lisa's Keyboard Solo - With You (instrumental)   
7. Still Waiting - Moonbeam Levels - How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore   
8. Lady Cab Driver   
9. Little Red Corvette    
10. Dirty Mind   
11. International Lover  
12. 1999 
Vanity 6 Opening Act: 

13. If A Girl Answers Don't Hang Up   
14. Nasty Girl
The Time
15. Grace

Peace P.Ross

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prince Featuring Nona Gaye - Lovesign

Throwback 1994

If U're sick of evil knocking on your door
Throw up the love sign once and 4evermore
If U'd rather make love and have a little fun
Throw up the love sign everybody and not the gun

In a chariot of red and gold
The cool, fuzzy voice said "Come save your soul"
Be4 the fear of rejection reared its head
He stood be4 the masses and calmly said

If U're sick of evil knocking on your door
Throw up the love sign once and 4evermore
If U'd rather make and have a little fun
Throw up the love sign everybody and not the gun

In the day of where and why we all belong
Don't no body wanna hear a silly love song
And if they did then we would sing it on the news
While U're aiming your gun at me and I'm aiming back at U

Pop, pop, pop go the pistol
Bang, bang, bang go the gun
Pop, pop, pop go the pistol
Bang, bang, bang go the gun

If U only had one year left 2 live
What good is the time U spend if U got no love 2 give?
Let's all get up off the front and find a cause 2 back
Then we could teach the babies replications of the act

If U're sick of evil knocking on your door
Throw up the love sign once and 4evermore
If U'd rather make love and have a little fun
Throw up the love sign everybody and not the gun

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When Eye Lay My Hands On U

When Eye Lay My Hands On U

Message U're about 2 hear is not meant 4 transmission
Should only be accessed in the privacy of your mind
Words are intense so my dear, if U dare 2 listen
Take off your clothes, meet me between the lines

Are U ready 4 the touch that makes U go insane
From breast 2 lips 2 cheek 2 mane
I'll pull your hair, U will feel no pain
Are U ready 4 the only 4ever we'll both obtain
The only joy in this forsaken game
U'll feel ashamed and ordained
When I lay my hands on U

The touch U're about 2 feel is the one U've been wishin' 4
It's been here like an echo inside your space and time
It's about 2 get freaky cuz the places that I'll be kissin'
Are the places that no other man could ever find

Oh whiney, get ready 4 the touch that makes U go insane
From breast 2 lips 2 cheek 2 mane
I pull your hair, U will feel no pain (Baby, baby)
Are U ready 4 the only 4ever we'll both obtain
The only joy in this forsaken game (God forbid)
U'll feel ashamed and ordained (God forbid)
When I lay my hands on U

Ha ha ha
Nobody knows
Like I knows
Where the deepest part of your river flows
Snap, snap
Unto these nylon hose
Around your thighs my finger goes slowly
Like a cat tip-toes
Until I reach the cap stone
I will touch thee in the softest manner
Like Europa in the hands of Santana


When I lay my hands on U (Ha ha)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Purple Rain - A Royal Masterpiece

Dig up "Purple People"! Today I'm here to discuss one of the most phenomenal albums ever created. The album Purple Rain is a pop culture classic and is known as Prince's crowing achievement. After the success of the 1999 album and tour Prince had achieved "cross over" appeal. No longer just a cult artist who had mainly a black following but now reached a new audience. As hot as the top 10 hit singles "Little Red Corvette" and "Delirious" were, Prince still didn't reached the level of superstardom quite yet. Now with a little momentum on his side seems like the expectations for his next project were gonna be bigger and better. During the 1999 tour Prince begin developing ideas in a purple notebook to star in a movie. Later those ideas turned into a semi-biographical film. The majority of material for the album and film was written and recorded in the summer of 1983 to March 1984. According to director Albert Magnoli there were 100 songs fully produced. Five of the tracks that ended up on the forth-coming album were previewed on August 3, 1983 at the First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis when Prince, along the new formed band The Revolution performed a benefit concert for the Minnesota Dance Theater. It was guitarist Wendy Melvoin debut as a member of the band. The show was recorded using a mobile recording unit with the possibility that some of the tracks might be used on the album. The basic tracks of three songs were used, "I Would Die 4 U", "Baby I'm A Star", and "Purple Rain." The rest of the album was recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, the rehearsal warehouse in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and Prince's home studio in Minneapolis.

On June 25, 1984 Prince released his sixth studio album and the soundtrack to his debut motion picture Purple Rain. It was the first album that shared album credits with his band The Revolution, that featured some important contributions. Just days after the release it sold over a million copies in the U.S., and held the number one spot for 24 consecutive weeks selling over 15 million copies worldwide. Making this his most commercial effort and biggest seller of his career. In comparing to his first five albums the music is mainly pop-rock oriented packed with hits that caters towards the mainstream but still experimental with innovative sounds. According to Per Nilsen of Uptown magazine (the former Prince fan magazine), "The songs are written from the viewpoint of the Kid, Prince's character in the film, and the storyline of the film obviously gave Prince a structure and focus for his lyrics. Purple Rain depicts convincingly the Kid's emotional odyssey, from a cold, untrusting loner to a fully realized person who can relate to others on a meaningful level. Encompassing strong mood changes, the songs showcase a great deal of emotional depth and maturity." 

The album kicks off with "Let's Go Crazy", a fast, exciting, energetic pop-rock dance track with some great playing on electric guitar. This was the second single released and became his second number one pop hit. During this time Prince had the number one song, album, and film in the country. To my knowledge The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Prince are the only artists to ever share this feat. The song makes spiritual references describing the after-life, a place of everlasting life and happiness. But in this life things can get hard, and when they do don't let the "de-elevator" which is a metaphor for the devil bring you down. Stay strong and positive, don't give into drugs or other worldly temptations. The church-like organ with a brief sermon, "Dearly beloved, we're are gathered here today to get through this thing called life", opens up the song perfectly. Creating excitement and building up anticipation around the song almost the same way "1999" did but better. By far this has to be the best opening track on any Prince album. One of the highlights is the amazing guitar solo at 3:53 towards the end of the song, you can definitely hear some Jimi Hendrix influence. Definitely one of his all time greatest hits, love hearing it everytime. The second song "Take Me With U" is a duet between Prince and Apollonia Kotero. This was the fifth single released becoming a Top 30 hit reaching #25 on the charts. Originally intended for Apollonia 6's album but was pulled for the Purple Rain. A very good pop love song which is notable for the drum solo and finger cymbals that plays at the beginning and repeats at the end. It has a nice melody, a simple catchy hook, and its a likable track. What I found out that's so interesting is that this the first song Prince incorporated strings into his music. The string section seems to bring out a certain brightness that gives it a sweet sound. I think this song and the scene in the film when Prince and Apollonia are riding on the motorcycle to the lake really compliment each other very well.

Next the pace slows down into the gorgeous love ballad "The Beautiful Ones", which was written about Susannah Melvoin (Wendy's twin sister). Prince and Susannah met in May 1983, while she was still in another relationship. This is absolutely one of greatest songs he has ever written! From the intimate opening with a drum machine and organ synth along with piano chords to a beautifully sung falsetto. The music goes into a intense moment when Prince pours out some serious emotions while delivering some powerful screams that leads into the climax of the song, fading out smoothly. Definitely one of the most passionate and powerful love ballads ever! Probably the second best all time slow jam by Prince behind "Adore." The pace switches back into fast gear with the mechancial rock track "Computer Blue." This track features songwriting input by Matt Fink, Lisa Coleman, Wendy Melvoin, and Prince's father John L. Nelson. He's credited for portions of "Father's Song" which is played during the second section of the song. I think this is a very good rock track that focuses on Prince's brilliant guitar playing which is the highlight of the song. Originally this was recorded longer before being edited down. There are several different versions circulating, like the 11 or 12 minute version that features the "hallway speech" and Wendy's speech before the loud scream at the end of the song. Next is the most explict song on the album "Darling Nikki", which Prince described it in a 1990 Rolling Stone interview as the coldest song ever written." This is a story about a sex-obsessed woman who seduces Prince and uses him to get her bump and grind on before dumping him.  The racy lyrics got Tipper Gore's attention when she heard her then 11 year old daughter playing the song in her room. Tipper Gore founded the Parents Music Resource Center which led to the idea the Parental Advisory stickers on album covers. I have to say this is one of the funkiest hard- rock tracks by Prince. The music has this loud, raw, intense, live feel to it. Prince just strips down and gets nasty on guitar.

The second half of the albums opens up with the first single released off the album "When Doves Cry." This was Prince's first number one pop hit, staying at the top of charts for 5 weeks and went on being the biggest selling single of 1984 selling two million copies. It is one of the most original and unique songs in pop music. It is noticeable for its innovative sound, great vocals, catchy hook, brilliant songwriting, and having no bass line. The song was inspired by his relationship with Vanity 6 & Apollonia 6 member Susan Moonsie. The lyrics deal with abandonment in a turbulent relationship, where his actions caused the breakup of the relationship. I would say "When Doves Cry" is the standout track on the whole album. Its another example how Prince's creativity & genius at its finest and cannot be denied. I love this song! Classic ! Next is "I Would Die 4 U", a great up-tempo pop song which was the forth single released reaching number 8 on the charts. One of the ways I now interpret the meaning behind this song is Prince is using a spiritual metaphor by singing from the viewpoint of God or Jesus. Lyrics like, "You're just a sinner I am told, I'll be your fire when you're cold. I'll make you happy when you're sad, I'll make u happy when u r bad. I'm not human I am dove I am your conscious I am love. All I really need is to know that you believe." The other interpretation is Prince may think of himself as his lover's messiah. Keeping the momentum going "I Would Die 4 U" segue perfectly into the next track "Baby I'm A Star", Originally this song was recorded in 1981, but was re-recorded from scratch for the Purple Rain album. This funky upbeat dance track is about a raising star celebrating is rise to stardom. This song can fill up the dance floor I'm for sure and put people in the mood to have a good time. The song is a bold but true statement pertaining to where Prince was at in his career and where he knew he was going. 

 Last but not least is what many people consider to be Prince's signature song, the epic title track "Purple Rain." It was the third single released, reaching number two on the pop charts. The song is a combination of rock, pop, gospel, and orchestral music. The lyrics speak from the viewpoint of Prince's character in the film The Kid, showing remorse for his actions in the difficult relationships in his troubled life. The first verse is dedicated to the the father, the second to his girlfriend (Apollonia), and the third to his band mates. My interpretation of "Purple Rain" is its a place that will wash away hurt and pain. Its simply heaven. This powerful rock ballad opens with  guitar chords followed by the slow paced live drumming that builds the song up to where Prince emotional becomes intense with each verse he sings. After the third verse and chorus, Prince delivers what Rolling Stone Magazine said in their Greatest Guitar Players special edition issue, is the greatest guitar solo in a rock ballad. As Prince plays towards to the heavens, then comes the singalong chant with his angelic vocals that just hits you emotionally in the right place. I discovered something new while listening to the song "Purple Rain" on my IPod. I envision different images of what the music was saying.  During the guitar solo and when Prince does the singalong chant, its sounds like the rain pouring down washing away the pain. As the song comes to a climax a piano chord that sounds like rain showers indicating that the rain is ending. Then the string section comes in which sounds like the awakening of the dawn, and if you ever seen the sky at sunrise where you are amazed by how beautiful God and his creation is, that's a spiritual connection u and him have made. This what music use to do back in the day, an artist could let you envision what they were talking about and would allow you to use your imagination freely with the music. Which is something Prince has been such a genius at.

Everytime I listen to Purple Rain the more I recognize its musical brilliance. This album is a definite must have for any music lover! The album is perfect from beginning to end, period. A 5 star classic rating! The songs are very well produced, each track is a hit with catchy hooks and great melodies. Making it one of his most strongest and consistent work. The songwriting showed his maturity as a lyricist by dealing with deeper emotions, having less sexuality and more spirituality. One of the highlights in which surprisingly I haven't heard too many fans discuss is Prince's guitar performance. Songs like "Let's Go Crazy", "Computer Blue", Darling Nikki, "Purple Rain", and "When Doves Cry" showcases some of his most brilliant guitar playing. The marketing and promotion by the people at Warner Bros. was set up very well. With the single being released in May then going to number one, next the album in June going to number one, and the movie released in July going number one. It was obvious 1984 was going to be the year Prince and The Revolution took over the music world. Let's not forget the accolades that were received, winning 3 American  Music Awards, 3 Grammy Awards, and an Oscar for Best Original Score. After almost 29 years Purple Rain today has sold 20 million copies worldwide still remains as one of the best selling and most influential albums of all time. Making Prince a household name to what is now a music icon. In 2012 the album was added to the Library of Congress's National Recordings Registry list of sound recordings that "are culturally, historically, or aesthetically important, and or inform or reflect life in the United States." Just another proven fact on how iconic this landmark masterpiece is, and will forever reign among as one of the best albums in music history. 

Written By Micah Simpson AKA CMS 

Thursday, January 10, 2013