Tuesday, October 15, 2013

N.P.G. Resistance: Prince, Privacy, & Piracy. Part 1

Prince is 1 of the most prolific Musical Artist ever, with a catalog as vast as what he has it always keeps us craving for more. We have all been told that he is always working on new music, which brings me to my topic. Unreleased Songs and projects some announed not to see the light of day others just pirated among Prince fans and supporters. Back in the day I remember Mom And Pop Record Stores where you could find rare or what is known as bootleg recordings, Live, Outtakes, Audio, and Video at crazy prices that I know today I would not pay. Example I purchased a bootleg entitled ONLY 4 U with an 80 dollar price tag almost makes me sick to my stomach lol. At the time when I got it I felt great because when it came to the RUDE BOY you had to have more.
I will say this to there are better means to get bootlegs instead of paying outrages prices nowadays, and there are those who work hard against Bootleg companys charging high ass prices to keep these releases free so you can enjoy the music, but in the case of Prince this is wrong I'm not here to dispute it either he made the music it is his he can do what he wants with it right. Over the years I have heard stories about how he would just give away copies of some of his outtakes and things of that nature to friends, music insiders, so on and so forth then they would end up in record stores under Bootleg titles like The Jewel Box.
I know there are different types of Prince fans to, some don't get involved in the exploration of Prince bootlegging for whatever reason and that's cool but then you have a diehard fan who wasn't old enough to see the Triple Threat Tour (1999 Tour)because he or she was either to young or wasn't born. You can't go to Youtube because Prince has taken everything down, but you can relive that through Audio or Video Bootlegs to each it's own.
Then you have Prince bloggers, websites, facebook groups, etc.....which report Prince news old and upcoming some with really great Pictures and great topics to discuss and the killer is sometimes it's not always about Prince but other artists or other creative entertainment. To me this is a complete circle of harmony, the music, the visuals, the discussions, the blogs, the facebook groups, and Prince websites. Just like with the Death of Housequake.com every so many years the even flow of things are disrupted, the bad part about this is that you don't who's doing it is it Prince? Maybe it is but with social media being so so popular the people we need to watch out for are in facebook groups, on your twitter, etc....Crazy isn't it and if this is so what they have to realize is Prince created this fanzy whether he wanted it or not and a lot of people put in hard work to bring some of the things they do in the name of Prince with money out of there own pocket not to be recognized by Prince himself but because they love his MUSIC. Again I'm not gonna debate that either because whatever someone has to offer it's up to me whether I want it or not, if you don't NPG Deputies please give us our space just like we give you yours. Written By: FTP For N.P.G. Resistance

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