Thursday, January 22, 2015

No Promotion Prince!

I listened to Art Official Age and PlectrumElectrum again and got to thinking these are great records that are not being promoted right. Since there release we have seen Prince actually promote these records at the Live Internet Concert on Yahoo, and Saturday Night Live. At the yahoo event no songs from AOA was played but PE got love,  Saturday Night Live he started off with Clouds then played PlectrumElectrum,  Marz, and Anotherlove.  I thought Clouds sounded so good he would jam to that for a few but no it was stopped short.

Then the once again infamous leaving the internet again it makes one wonder "How will he promote his new material?" Leave it up to Warner Bros.? Well they have taken the helm as far as videos, releasing on there Youtube page FunknRoll, Anotherlove, and Marz. Is this enough and if not what does he have planned now in 2015. I do have a feeling that things will pick up and he knows that his fan base will keep him fresh as we always have, I almost feel like we as his fans have promoted AOA & PE great for him which may have been the plan all along.

Written by,
Mr. Goodnight