Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Time - Live At The Roxy Theater 2/16/82.

On February 16th, 1982 The Time put on an amazing show at The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. They headlined this show performing 6 songs The Stick, After Hi School, Oh Baby, Get It Up, Cool, all from there 1st Album and a new song called Dance 2 The Beat. The Band looks in top shape Morris is full of energy, he even asked for a mirror twice which Jerome was glad to bring to him. Jesse Johnson's guitar playing is on point through and through. What really makes this release special is the last song they performed "Dance 2 The Beat" the purple 1 himself Prince joined them on stage. Merely singing a few lines but enough to get the crowd hyper. Dance 2 The Beat reminds me of songs like "Jack U Off" and "Delirious" Jesse Johnson Guitar work is great on this song. This has to be one the best shows I seen The Time do this is highly recommended.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Classic MPLS: The Time Ice Cream Castles

Released July 9th 1984 The Time's Ice Cream Castles LP was there 3rd studio album. With majority of the album being written and recorded by Prince with little input from band members except Morris Day and Jesse Johnson. I really like the album more today then back in the day, the 3 singles Ice Cream Castles,  Jungle Love, and The Bird I thought was great, My Drawers is definitely the sleeper to me with a fast and up beat funky groove. Besides all the songs on this release has grown on me, Jungle Love and The Bird  are amazing songs and I love there place in Purple Rain The Movie. "If The Kid Can't Make You Come" is a ok ballad, "Chili Sauce" is an extended of what Morris was saying to Apollonia at the table in the 1st Avenue in Purple Rain. This is a great release worthy of a listen even if it's just the association to Purple Rain, but for this album can stand on its own.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Classic MPLS: Vanity 6 Self Titled Album

Released August 11th 1982 I like to call this the year of the Triple Threat also formally the name of the tour. For me the year of the Triple Threat consists of 3 Classic Albums Prince's 1999, The Time's What Time Is It?, and Vanity 6's Self Titled . First let me say the Vanity 6 album is a classic, and the original name for the group was "The Hookers" who left an unfinished album when Prince went on the Controversy Tour. I don't know how you all feel but I was 8 years old when this record came out and as a young boy it turned me out, beautiful women half naked running around singing "Nasty Girl" and "Drive Me Wild". Things I couldn't understand at that age but the images look good. The music was a different story as it was explicit especially for 1982 songs like "Nasty Girl" and "Wet Dream" can easily be classified as some of the nastiest songs at the time. "Drive Me Wild" is a funk driven hardcore track and may be my favorite. Seven of the eight song were written or co-written by Prince with He's So Dull being written by Dez Dickerson.  This a great Classic album and very explicit for the time and nowadays Vanity 6 may have been the platform for a lot of the Sexyness going on today.

Classic MPLS: Sheila E. The Glamorous Life

Released June 4th 1984 Sheila E's The Glamorous Life is another flawless classic coming out of the Prince camp. Credits say Directed by Sheila E. and The Starr Company. All honesty all songs on this album was were written by Prince with some input by Sheila E. To me when the credits say "Directed" it puts you in a mood like your listening to a movie on wax. Each track flows together like a stream of water but no song out trumps another, although I have my favorites. I've read that at the time of these album sessions Sheila E. was uncomfortable with her vocals, vocally I think she done great as she came with the Sexyness in her voice which I think got her over. All in all a great classic album and another brick added to the Purple House definitely worthy of a few spins.