Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Classic MPLS: Sheila E. The Glamorous Life

Released June 4th 1984 Sheila E's The Glamorous Life is another flawless classic coming out of the Prince camp. Credits say Directed by Sheila E. and The Starr Company. All honesty all songs on this album was were written by Prince with some input by Sheila E. To me when the credits say "Directed" it puts you in a mood like your listening to a movie on wax. Each track flows together like a stream of water but no song out trumps another, although I have my favorites. I've read that at the time of these album sessions Sheila E. was uncomfortable with her vocals, vocally I think she done great as she came with the Sexyness in her voice which I think got her over. All in all a great classic album and another brick added to the Purple House definitely worthy of a few spins.

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