Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Classic MPLS: The Time Ice Cream Castles

Released July 9th 1984 The Time's Ice Cream Castles LP was there 3rd studio album. With majority of the album being written and recorded by Prince with little input from band members except Morris Day and Jesse Johnson. I really like the album more today then back in the day, the 3 singles Ice Cream Castles,  Jungle Love, and The Bird I thought was great, My Drawers is definitely the sleeper to me with a fast and up beat funky groove. Besides all the songs on this release has grown on me, Jungle Love and The Bird  are amazing songs and I love there place in Purple Rain The Movie. "If The Kid Can't Make You Come" is a ok ballad, "Chili Sauce" is an extended of what Morris was saying to Apollonia at the table in the 1st Avenue in Purple Rain. This is a great release worthy of a listen even if it's just the association to Purple Rain, but for this album can stand on its own.

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