Saturday, August 31, 2013

Apollonia 6 - Happy Birthday Mr. Christian

This video pop up on You Tube about 2 years ago very very much 80's style kinda of cheesy but fits with the times. It has been stated that other than Sex Shooter, Blue Limousine was suppose to be the next Video off the Apollonia 6 album but never materialized. Happy Birthday Mr. Christian's storyline and plot is a trip, with Apollonia, Brenda, And Susan playing schoolgirls getting a will read to them from the dearly departed Mr. Christian who leaves them nothing. Mr. Christian tells them they don't know what hard work is and need to basically get jobs which they do, from a Restaurant, a Grocery Store, and a Car Mechanic's Garage. Then when it's all said and done Mr. Christian emerges from his Limo and tells them it was a prank for his Birthday I guess the dude wanted to have some fun lol. Nonetheless the girls jump in the car and the party is on and popping, from the looks of this short film it never went beyond a rough cut which in some respects I see why still it's entertaining. Music in this video is slamming featuring Happy Birthday Mr. Christian, Sex Shooter, Ooo She She Wa Wa, and Blue Limousine off of the Apollonia 6 LP. You can check out the video on You Tube for the time being links posted below Enjoy.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Purple Underground's Top 20 Greatest Prince TV Performances

Check Out Our YouTube Video On The Top 20 Tv Performances

A couple of months ago Vibe Magazine's website had a list of what they thought Prince's top 10 greatest TV performances were. Well we here at The Purple Underground decided to do our list but instead of 10 we picked 20 performances by "His Royal Badness." With so many great Prince TV performances its hard to just pick 10. So here's OUR top 20 that was voted by myself (Micah aka cMs), P. Ross, & our silent partner Coach Mike, and I must say it wasn't easy. Enjoy "Purple People!"  :-)

 1. 2007 Superbowl Halftime Performance

 2. 1985 American Music Awards

 3. 1985 Grammy Awards

 4. 2004 Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

 5. 1991 performance on the Arsenio Hall Show

 6. 2004 Grammy Awards

 7. 2006 BET Awards (the Chaka Khan tribute)

 8. 2006 American Idol Season Finale

 9. 1996 Oprah Winfrey Show

10. Emancipation Celebration TV Special

11. 1987 MTV Video Music Awards

12. 1989 Saturday Night Live 15th Anniversary

13. 2005 NAACP Image Awards

14. 1995 American Music Awards

15. 1991 MTV Video Music Awards

16. 1998 Vibe

17.  1995 VH-1 Fashion Awards

18. 1997 Brit Awards

19. 1997 VH-1 Honors

20. 2004 Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Submitted By Micah Simpson AKA Cms