Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Classic MPLS: Vanity 6 Self Titled Album

Released August 11th 1982 I like to call this the year of the Triple Threat also formally the name of the tour. For me the year of the Triple Threat consists of 3 Classic Albums Prince's 1999, The Time's What Time Is It?, and Vanity 6's Self Titled . First let me say the Vanity 6 album is a classic, and the original name for the group was "The Hookers" who left an unfinished album when Prince went on the Controversy Tour. I don't know how you all feel but I was 8 years old when this record came out and as a young boy it turned me out, beautiful women half naked running around singing "Nasty Girl" and "Drive Me Wild". Things I couldn't understand at that age but the images look good. The music was a different story as it was explicit especially for 1982 songs like "Nasty Girl" and "Wet Dream" can easily be classified as some of the nastiest songs at the time. "Drive Me Wild" is a funk driven hardcore track and may be my favorite. Seven of the eight song were written or co-written by Prince with He's So Dull being written by Dez Dickerson.  This a great Classic album and very explicit for the time and nowadays Vanity 6 may have been the platform for a lot of the Sexyness going on today.

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