Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Time - Live At The Roxy Theater 2/16/82.

On February 16th, 1982 The Time put on an amazing show at The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. They headlined this show performing 6 songs The Stick, After Hi School, Oh Baby, Get It Up, Cool, all from there 1st Album and a new song called Dance 2 The Beat. The Band looks in top shape Morris is full of energy, he even asked for a mirror twice which Jerome was glad to bring to him. Jesse Johnson's guitar playing is on point through and through. What really makes this release special is the last song they performed "Dance 2 The Beat" the purple 1 himself Prince joined them on stage. Merely singing a few lines but enough to get the crowd hyper. Dance 2 The Beat reminds me of songs like "Jack U Off" and "Delirious" Jesse Johnson Guitar work is great on this song. This has to be one the best shows I seen The Time do this is highly recommended.

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