Monday, November 4, 2013

Glam Slam South Beach June 7th 1994

Tracklisting: 01. Endorphinmachine 02. Space 03. Interactive 04. Days Of Wild\Incl. Hair 05. Now\Incl. Babies Makin Babies 06. Mustang Mix 07. The Ride 08. Get Wild 09. Acknowledge Me 10. Race 11. The Jam 12. SHHH
June 7th 1994 Prince or TAFKAP performed in South Beach at his Glam Slam Club, the show was also broadcasted Live via satellite to Glam Slam in Los Angeles and Minneapolis. This is an amazing show Prince and Band rip the stage with a mixture of everything. Some great highlights of this show for me are Space and the great Guitar solo it is to die for. Interactive always sounds great and funky but feels really fresh during this performance, Mayte breaking it down on Now. Days Of Wild, The Ride, and Get Wild are great,and Race is another funky favorite. With TAFKAP chanting thoughout the show this is an NPG Party or His 1st birthday you cannot deny the funktastic rock show you get here.

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