Monday, June 23, 2014

Purple Rain 30th Anniversary Release What I Envision.

With this being 30 years since the release of Purple Rain the Soundtrack such a great landmark in pop culture, now we are here an anniversary album announced, new deal with Warners Bros., and New music. This is what I Envision for The Anniversary Release of Purple Rain, 1st how about all of the 12 inch versions and mixes being included like Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix), the unreleased extended versions of The Beautiful Ones, Computer Blue, and Darling Nikki. B - sides 17 Days, Erotic City, Another Lonely Christmas, and God, check it in God (Instrumental) which wasn't released in the states. What about a version of When Doves Cry with a bass line sounds good so far.

What about unreleased material here's where it gets interesting because although it's been stated that there will be unreleased songs will they be original compositions or will Prince himself remake them? Hopefully we will get all originals from 1983-1984 or maybe an original and a remake that would be awesome. I think it's safe to say that Electric Intercourse will be on this release,  I only say that because he did perform it recently in England. Possessed is another unreleased track I would like to see come to light and the instrumental. 

Unreleased tracks like Wednesday and Father's Song should make an official appearance due to them being on earlier configurations of Purple Rain. Now associate artists like The Time songs like Jungle Love, The Bird along with Dez Dickerson Modrenaire and Apollonia 6 Sex Shooter deserves some love. One other thing how about an official Blu-Ray release of the 1985 Live In Syracuse show that would be hot. Overall I know everyone has there own feelings about this but this is just to get the blood jumping and pumping for this release.

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