Monday, July 13, 2015

Ghostface Killah - Twelve Reasons To Die II (Review)

Ghostface Killah is 1 of the most consistant M.C.'s in the game he's back with Twelve Reasons To Die II, I can never get tired of Ghostface this album just like the first 1 plays like a movie with features from Raekwon, RZA, Chino XL, Bilal, Lyrics Born, & Scarub. Lyrically the album is on point it sounds like classic Wu-Tang Clan to me produced by Adrian Younge. Again like a movie Rza is narrating though this album bringing a story together on record and Ghostface paints a picture with his words that you can see in your mind. All 13 tracks are hard and hit you right in the face, the deluxe edition also includes the instrumentals. This album is worth being picked up I'll give this release 4 Out Of 5 Turntables.

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