Monday, July 6, 2015

Micah's 30 favorite performances of Purple Rain

 Hello "Purple People!"

I'm sure you fans remember a year ago the big announcement of Prince signing back with Warner Bros. Records to release 2 new albums and he regaining ownership of his catalog. Also it was announced that there was going to be a re-released remastered deluxe version of the classic album Purple Rain for its 30th anniversary. Well its been a whole year and the 31st anniversary just past almost 2 weeks ago and we still have yet to see the re-release of this landmark album. Are you fans shocked lol? I think its pretty obvious we will not see the release of Purple Rain deluxe edition, at least not anytime soon. So after listening and watching countless hours of concerts, rehearsals, and tv performances I thought it would be fun and interesting by creating a list of my 30 favorite moments of Prince's signature song Purple Rain." Some of you fans who are hardcore collectors of unofficial releases/bootlegs like myself will probably be familiar with some of my selections. Again these are MY personal favorite moments, in no particular order. Hope you guys enjoy.

My 30 Favorite performances of Purple Rain:

 1. First Avenue Benefit show - Minneapolis, MN, 8/3/83 (the full 16 min. version)

 2.  Purple Rain Tour - Syracuse, NY, 3/30/85 (probably my favorite performance of the song)

 3. Parade Tour - Hamburg, Germany, 8/31/86 (A must listen!!! 1 of the best guitar solos!)

 4. American Music Awards - 1/28/85 (1 of the best Prince TV performances!)

 5. Purple Rain Tour - Dallas, TX, 12/31/84 (Amazing!!! One of the best from the tour)

 6. Parade Tour - Stockholm, Sweden, 8/22/86 (Excellent performance!)

 7. Lovesexy Tour - Dortmund, Germany, 9/9/88 (Amazing!)

 8. Nude Tour - Tokyo, Japan, 8/31/90 (Excellent performance!)

 9. Rave Un2 The Year 2000 home video (Great!)

10. Purple Rain Tour - Atlanta, GA, 1/4/85 (Fantastic!!!)

11. First Avenue Birthday Rehearsal #1 - May/June 1984 (called "Gotta Shake This Feeling" on bootleg)

12. Lovesexy Tour - Sendai, Japan, 2/1/89

13. Lovesexy Tour - Nagoya, Japan, 2/7/89

14. Purple Rain Tour - Tacoma, Washington, 2/14/85

15. First Avenue Warm Up show, Minneapolis, MN, 3/3/86

16. Parade Tour - London, England, 8/12/86

17. Purple Rain Tour - San Francisco, CA, 3/1/85

18. Purple Rain Tour - San Francisco, CA, 3/3/85

19. Purple Rain Tour - San Francisco, CA, 3/4/85

20. Parade Tour - Osaka, Japan, 9/5/86

21. Parade Tour - Yokohamma, Japan, 9/9/86 (last show with The Revolution)

22. Nude Tour - Heerenveen, The Netherlands, 8/5/90

23. Parade Tour - Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 8/18/86

24. Montreux Jazz Festival (Show #2) - Montreux, Switzerland, 7/18/09

25. Lovesexy Tour Rehearsal #5 - Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, June 1988

26. Sign 'O' The Times Tour - Frankfurt, Germany, 5/25/87

27. Purple Rain Tour - Philadelphia, PA, 11/22/84

28. Purple Rain Tour - Miami, FL. 4/7/85

29. Diamonds & Pearls Tour - Melbourne, Australia, 4/18/92

30. Musicology Tour - Tampa, FL

by Micah Simpson aka cMs

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